Packed Posted

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We know that growing e-commerce businesses need more than just efficient and reliable fulfilment services. We’re on hand to help with all aspects related to your e-commerce operations and provide our customers with a range of ad-hoc, subscription and value-adding services.

Rapid Order Fulfilment across Aberdeen


We can move your products into new packaging or if your product consists of items from multiple suppliers, you can send everything to us and we can package it for you.

Plastic-free packaging

Barcoding & FBA Prep

If your products do not have barcodes, we can sticker them for self-fulfilment or “Fulfilled by Amazon” prep.

Barcode scanning packs for accuracy

Gift Wrapping & Hampers

We stock a range of wicker baskets, coloured tissue paper and Christmas wrapping to service your gift wrapping and hamper building needs.

B2B Orders

Quality Control

Our team can perform quality assurance checks on inventory, produce reports and help you create quality control procedure guidelines.

Barcode scanning packs for accuracy

Packed Posted ships with all major delivery providers