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Fulfilment Prices

From building our own brands we understand the frustrations that hidden charges and obscure prices cause and you won’t find any of that here.

Rapid Order Fulfilment across Aberdeen

Aberdeen Order Fulfilment Prices


The first month is free, then we charge £5 per cubic meter.


Storage Price
First Month (per cubic meter) Free
Every month thereafter (per cubic meter) £5.00


For order fulfilment, known as picking we charge £1.20 for the first item and £0.20 for every additional item in an order.

Service Price
First pick and pack £1.20
Every additional pick thereafter £0.20


Below are prices for our most common shipping services. We can distribute your orders across our five courier partners to prioritise speed or price, alternatively, we can agree on specific courier services and even use your existing courier accounts.

Size and weight 24 Hour Delivery 48-72 Hour Delivery
Postable* to 250g £2.25 £1.85
Postable* to 750g £3.30 £2.70
Parcel to 2kg £3.70 £2.95
Parcel to 5kg £7.85** £4.45

*Postable max thickness is 25mm. **By 1pm the following day, with delivery time window and full door to door tracking. Weights are inclusive of packaging and loose fill. Delivery times are not guaranteed except where stated.


We stock a large range of packaging ranging from cardboard boxes, to eco-friendly padded mailing and biodegradable mailing bags.

Below are prices for our most commonly used sizes, however, we can accomodate your own bespoke packaging requests including gift wrapping and influencer packs.


Type Price
A5 Large Letter Box £0.22
Double-Walled Box £0.45
Mailing Bag £0.05
Use your own provided packaging Free
Void Fill Free

Pricing Examples

Two Bags Of Vegan Gummies

Shipping: £1.85
Posted to your customer in 2 days

Fulfilment: £1.40
Picking of 2 items, packing and dispatch

Packaging: £0.22
Letterbox sized box

Total costs are just £3.47

Four Cans of Delicious Local Beer

Shipping: £2.95
Posted to your customer in 2 days, with tracking.

Fulfilment: £1.80
Picking of 4 items, packing and dispatch

Packaging: £0.45
Double-walled box with padding

Total costs are just £5.20

All brands and trademarks shown on this page are owned by their respective owners and are used for example purposes only. They do not reflect the services provided to the brands nor does it intend to indicate a partnership with the brands shown. Prices are liable to change. Shipping charges are subject to fuel surcharges. Products which are odd-shaped, abnormally fragile or require special attention may incur additional costs. All prices are shown excluding VAT. Please contact us for a bespoke quote.